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2016     athome Magazine - July/August "Keeping Time" L. Fetterman

2016     Cowboys & Indians - January "Rural America Revisited" A. Hulteng

2016     CT Cottages & Gardens - May "Tour the Grounds of Architect Paulo Vicente's Shingle Style Home" C. Branca

2016     CT Cottages & Gardens - May "Tour a Classical New England Home with a Contemporary Landscape" M. Pantiel

2015    athome Magazine - May/June "Grand Tour" A. Kaiser - architecture, kitchens and bathrooms by VBA

2015    athome Magazine - March/April "American English" by A. Kaiser - Architecture House + Barn by VBA

2014     Luxe Magazine - "Stately Appeal" J. Head  - architecture, kitchens and bathrooms by VBA

2014     athome  Magazine - October "A-list awards"

2013    New England Home - Fall "Crossover Hit" S. Kunstel

2011     Westport News - January "Subtlety Abounds at Award Winning Westport Home" M. Barone

2010    Fairfield Magazine - August "Cottage Retreat" B. Bell

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2009   Litchfield County Times - September "A Washington Composition" J. Coraggio

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2008   athome Magazine - May/June "The Perfect Accessory" J. Ostrow

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2005   Westport News - July "Esteemed Team Praised for Turkey Hill Home's Design"

2005   Connecticut Magazine - July  "Around the Horn"

2005   "The Language of Doors" Illustrated by Paulo Vicente - published by Artisans

2004    Home Magazine - September "Baker's Secret" T. Connor